7 Things That Repel Chipmunks [How To Keep Them Away]

things that repel chipmunks

Chipmunks can be a bane in your yard, regardless of how cute they look, as they are ground squirrels. For example, suppose chipmunks have started tearing up your flowerbeds and digging holes in your yard to burrow, and you’re unsure how to keep them away. If So, keep reading as we’ll share some things that repel chipmunks. 

Several things repel chipmunks, such as predator urine, predators, the fertilizer blood meal, cayenne or any other hot spice, decoy predators, human hair, and plants that are not good for chipmunks. Therefore, it is often best to combine these things to ensure chipmunks stay away from your yard.

Even though chipmunks typically don’t attack people or pets, having them in your yard can quickly become an issue. They can do much harm if you don’t keep them away immediately. 

Some of the best ways to control a chipmunk infestation include chipmunk repellents. There are several different types of chipmunk deterrents.

7 Things That Repel Chipmunks

Thanks to movies like Alvin and the Chipmunks, many aren’t aware of how destructive these pests can be if they haven’t experienced chipmunks on the warpath firsthand. 

However, once you find yourself on the receiving end of these pests, it’s best to be informed about the different things that help repel them. To keep chipmunks away, here are seven things you can use to repel them. 

#1 Chipmunks Will Steer Clear Of Predator Urine

Chipmunks are extremely anxious critters. These rodents are more prone to anxiety than other species of squirrels. They can be scared by noises and constant movements, such as that caused by people and cars, and they frequently steer clear of frightening circumstances. 

Chipmunks experience the same problems as squirrels in certain areas, such as becoming cat food.

Therefore, if you see an influx of chipmunks, the chances are the cat population in your area has decreased. To repel them, use nature to overcome nature and use cat urine. 

This repellent can be found at most stores and is simple to use. You can spray it around your yard or place soaked cat litter in any chipmunk holes.

Strong odors like ammonia might upset chipmunks’ delicate noses. However, ammonia has the dual potential to deter chipmunks by appealing to their innate survival instincts and imitating the smell of predator pee.

#2 Predators Help Keep Chipmunks At Bay

If you can’t deal with cat urine or any other predator urine, the next best thing is to get the predator itself. Numerous creatures and birds eat chipmunks as a variety of predators depend on chipmunks as a major food source. 

Depending on the area, these predators may include owls, foxes, hawks, snakes, cats, etc. 

In most cases, cats are the best option as they can be kept as pets. Just the presence of a pet cat will help keep the chipmunks away.

#3 Blood Meal 

Although the term blood meal may not seem to be something you’d want in your garden, it can be beneficial. Many garden stores carry it widely. It is typically used as fertilizer by gardeners. Yet, it also has the potential to keep pests like chipmunks away.

If you notice the pests eating your plants, veggies, and fruits, don’t panic! A natural way to keep pests away is by sprinkling blood meal on the leaves and around the base of plants.

Blood meal’s main advantage as a pest deterrent lies in its smell, which certain animals, like chipmunks, find repulsive. 

For example, not only does it prevent chipmunks from coming into your yard, but also squirrels, rabbits, and deer.

However, the key is not to overdo it just because it is organic. 

Blood meal contains concentrated nitrogen, and using too much can cause other issues. For example, although nitrogen is excellent for promoting a plant’s leaves, too much might hinder flowering. 

Too much nitrogen can harm plants, potentially causing them to wither or die. So it is best to follow the directions on the packaging to prevent these issues.

#4 Cayenne Or Garlic Will Repel Chipmunks

An easy, safe, and chemical-free way to repel chipmunks is through good old-fashioned spices like cayenne pepper. It can also be any form of chili powder. The goal is to ensure that the spice is hot, as chipmunks hate the smell and taste of it. 

You also want to stock up on garlic, as chipmunks do their best to avoid it like the plague. However, suppose you really want to up the ante. 

In that case, you can plant habaneros, jalapenos, and any other chili that are extremely hot. You’ll immediately notice less chipmunk activity in your garden.

#5 Decoys of Predators

If chipmunks aren’t scared away by hot spices, the next best thing you can do is set up decoys. This includes anything from rubber snakes and owls to fake beehives.

Since chipmunks know that several animals are predators, like owls, foxes, etc., it makes sense that they would be wary of decoy representations.

Several decoys are motion-active that you can set up around your yard to help keep these little pests away.

Chipmunks prefer not to linger in an environment where they feel threatened, so any decoy you set up should make them think twice before entering your yard or garden. 

#6 Human Hair 

Use human hair if chipmunks attempt to eat you out of your house and home. Chipmunks cannot bear the smell of hair, particularly human hair. 

So, to make your garden less attractive to chipmunks and other animals, consider surrounding it with hair clippings or lightly incorporating them into the soil while planting bulbs.

You can also hang human hair around the garden in old stockings. If merely scattering some hair doesn’t work, you’ll need to be prepared to drape clumps of human hair on the bushes next to your plants.

#7 Specific Plants 

Several plants are great at repelling chipmunks. Anyone who has discovered a torn-up plant in their garden can attest to the agony of having your labors go in vain. While certain plants attract chipmunks, others are less desirable.

Growing plants repulsive to chipmunks is one way to keep them away from your yard. One such plant is Daffodils. 

Animals, such as chipmunks, are repelled by the lycorine found in daffodils. In addition, the pungent smell of onions deters chipmunks and prevents them from entering gardens. Another plant that chipmunks generally avoid is glory-of-the-snow.

Final Word

Chipmunks are pests that can wreak havoc in your garden, eating away your plants and fruits. The good news is that with these simple steps and tips, you can deter them from invading your garden and keep it safe from these rodents.

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