Can Chipmunks Kill Trees?

can chipmunks kill trees

Chipmunks are cute little animals that scurry around in your backyard. These innocent looking rodents can cause damage to trees, plants, etc. If you have a rodent problem, you’ll want to know what kind of damage they can do and how to spot it. 

Chipmunks have a natural instinct to gnaw on tree bark and branches, which can ultimately lead to the tree’s death. In addition, their sharp teeth can easily strip away the bark, exposing the tree to disease and insect infestations. 

So next time you see a chipmunk nibbling away at a tree in your yard, don’t be fooled by their adorable appearance – instead, look for signs of damage on your trees and how to protect them.

Can Chipmunks Kill Or Damage Trees? 

Have you ever had a problem with chipmunks in your garden? These little creatures may look cute, but they can quickly become a nuisance for homeowners. 

One of the biggest concerns for homeowners is whether or not chipmunks can kill trees. Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

Chipmunks have a natural instinct to gnaw on tree bark and branches, which can cause significant damage to the tree. 

They can strip away the bark, exposing the tree to disease and insect infestations. In addition, these rodents can burrow underneath trees and eat through the roots, causing even more damage.

Not only do chipmunks use the trees in your garden for food, but they also use them for nesting and hiding from predators. 

This constant activity can cause severe damage to your trees, ultimately leading to their death if you can’t get rid of them.  

If you’re a homeowner in an area with chipmunks, it’s important to keep an eye on your trees and take action if you notice any signs of damage.

How To Tell If Chipmunks are damaging your Trees?

So, Chipmunks can easily damage your trees. If the damage goes on for a long time without being stopped, then your trees can die, but how do you know if Chipmunks are to blame for the death of your trees and not something else? 

You can look for numerous signs in your garden that indicate you may have a problem with Chipmunks targeting your trees. 

Some of these signs can be subtle, so you will need to look closely for them, while others are pretty obvious. 

Let’s go through these signs, so you can confirm that Chipmunks are the animals you have a problem with in your garden. 

Look For Chipmunk Burrows

The first sign you can look for in your garden that indicates Chipmunks are present and could cause damage to your trees is Chipmunk burrows that are spread around your garden. Chipmunk burrows are pretty obvious and easy to spot in your garden. 

You can look for holes in the ground that are an inch or two wide and seem extremely deep. Look in your garden’s flowerbeds, lawned areas outside the garden, under trees, and anywhere else in your yard. 

If you spot these burrows, there is a good chance that Chipmunks are in your garden and using it as their home. 

These burrows can cause severe damage to the roots of your trees, which can kill them. 

Look For Trees With Missing Bark

The next sign you can look for is a bit more subtle but is a good indication that Chipmunks are present in your garden and could cause the damage you see on your trees. 

You will need to closely examine the trees in your garden and see if you can spot missing pieces of bark. 

The missing bark could be on the tree trunk or higher up in the branches, but it should be clearly visible that the bark is missing. 

Chipmunks will scratch the bark of trees in search of food or resources to build their nests. Over time, the bark will begin to fall off. 

If your trees are missing bark in several places, this is a sign that Chipmunks are entering your garden and could be harming your trees. 

The Tree Begins Showing Signs Of Bad Health 

If you are unsure and haven’t seen the signs mentioned above to such an extent that your mind is made up, then you can consider the overall health of your trees. 

If your trees seem to be declining in health and there is no apparent reason, like disease, that could be causing this decline, and you have seen some Chipmunks around, then the Chipmunks are most likely the cause for your tree’s bad health. 

As mentioned, Chipmunks will burrow through the roots of trees and cause damage that may not be obvious above ground, and this damage can lead to the death of your tree, especially if the tree is young and not established in your garden. 

How To Protect Your Trees From Chipmunks

Chipmunks can do a lot of damage to your trees, and they can cause other damage around your garden to other plants or even your home, which is why you should try to rid your garden of these animals as soon as possible, especially if they are already causing damage. 

You can use a few methods in your garden to help scare away the Chipmunks and prevent them from returning to your home. Let’s go through these options to help protect your trees from Chipmunks. 

Trap And Relocate The Chipmunks

If you have many Chipmunks causing problems in your garden and with your trees, then the best way to rid your garden of them is to trap and relocate them. However, before relocating or trapping them, check the laws in your area. 

Some states consider this inhumane, and you may be charged a fine if caught. 

You can choose to do this yourself, or you can call your local animal control to come and trap and relocate the Chipmunks for you. 

If you do this yourself, ensure you relocate the Chipmunks to a location approved by your local animal control that is far enough from your home so they won’t return. 

Spice Up Your Garden 

Chipmunks are sensitive to certain spices, which can chase them away from your garden and prevent them from returning. 

You can use cayenne pepper, chili powder, and other hot spices. 

Sprinkle these spices around the base of your trees and other plants and around the bottom of your garden fence to help protect your garden and trees from these creatures. 

Final Word

If ignored, chipmunks like squirrels are a nuisance and will damage your garden and other property. They can easily damage the trees in your garden, especially if they are saplings. 

This can be highly frustrating for homeowners as they need to continuously replace dead trees, affecting the garden’s overall look. 

If you’re having a chipmunk or rodent issue, you must take action to keep them from ruining your garden. This article will help you spot the signs before it’s too late!

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