What Can I Feed Chipmunks To Attract Them To My Yard? [Tips &.]

what can I feed chipmunks to attract them to my yard

Chipmunks like squirrels are fun and exciting to watch, and many people want to find ways to attract them to their backyard. If you love attracting wildlife to your yard, you’re likely looking for ways to attract them safely to your yard. 

You can leave out many foods to help attract Chipmunks to your yard, including birdseed, sunflower seeds, cooked whole-grain oats, berries, carrots, apples, bananas, nuts, peas, green beans, dried mealworms, and more! You can even plant plants like lilies to help attract them. 

After reading this article, you’ll know what attracts chipmunks to your yard and how to do it safely. 

Should You Attract Chipmunks to Your Yard?

Homeowners’ opinions will vary; some people will say attracting chipmunks, squirrels, birds, and other wildlife to their yards is perfectly fine. But, of course, it all boils down to whether or not you want these rodents roaming your yard. 

Can You Feed Wild Chipmunks?

Most states do not have any laws against feeding wild squirrels, but it is not encouraged, and wildlife experts say not to do it. This is because wild animals can become dependent on humans, making it harder for them to survive. 

As an animal lover myself, there’s nothing wrong with providing occasional treats, especially during harsh winters or during a drought. 

Below are some tips to attract these rodents to your yard. 

Reasons for Attracting Chipmunks to Your Yard?

There are several reasons people want to attract chipmunks to their property. The biggest reason is to provide them with habitat and a reliable food source. 

Others enjoy sitting outside watching the critters play and frolic in their backyard. But, according to studies, taking time off your regular routine can improve your overall well-being. 

What Food Can You Leave Out For Chipmunks To Attract Them? 

A Birdfeeder With Seeds 

A great way to help attract Chipmunks to your yard is by using a bird feeder. This will allow you to help feed the birds in your area and attract this little animal. Like squirrels, they love birdseed and have no issues climbing bird feeders. 

The best birdseed to use in your birdfeeder to help attract Chipmunks to your yard is songbird seed mixes, which have the most seeds that Chipmunks enjoy. 

If you don’t have access to this type of bird seed, you can make your own mixture. 

Add sunflower and pumpkin seeds to a regular birdseed mix and use this in your birdfeeder. This should help attract the Chipmunks in your area to your yard. 

Planting Certain Plants 

Chipmunks are attracted to certain plants, shrubs, and trees. The best plants to have in your garden to help attract Chipmunks include sunflowers, pansies, daisies, evergreen plants, shrubs, tall grass, and lilies. 

The rodents love snacking on them. In addition, they provide shelter from dangerous animals that prey on chipmunks. 

Most of these plants are also pretty and will enhance the look of your garden, so if they don’t attract Chipmunks to your yard, they will still make it look beautiful. 

Leaving Out Fruits, Vegetables, And Seeds 

You can leave out some other Chipmunk favorites in small bowls around your yard to help attract Chipmunks. Some of these favorite foods include fruits, vegetables, and seeds. 

You can use corn, prune pits, raisins, carrots, apples, berries, bananas, leafy greens, sunflower seeds, and more. 

Be sure to use bowls that are unlikely to tip over, which could cover the food and prevent the Chipmunks from getting it. 

Also, be careful not to attract bugs and ants to these bowls, as this can lead to a big problem for your home. So, use anti-ant bowls if you can.

Leaving Out Treats For The Chipmunks

Some foods are considered treats for Chipmunks that you can use to help attract them to your yard. These will have a higher chance of attracting Chipmunks to your yard, as these foods are a favorite among Chipmunks. 

Some of these foods include nut butter, like almond butter and peanut butter, and un-roasted peanuts, pumpkin seeds, blackberries, acorns, peas, green beans, pine nuts, pecan nuts, and more. 

The nuts are essential for Chipmunks, as they will store them to ensure they have a food source for the winter, so adding these to your offerings regularly will entice them to visit your yard. 

Grains And Proteins To Leave Out To Attract Chipmunks

Like all animals, Chipmunks need a variety of foods in their diets to stay healthy and happy. Two aspects of their diet that are incredibly important are grains and proteins. 

If you can prove that your yard is a constant and a great source of these two nutrients, then you are more likely to be frequented by the Chipmunks in your area. 

Some excellent grains and protein options you can offer the Chipmunks include nuts, dried mealworms, whole grains like oats (without added sugar), millet, barley, grasshoppers, boiled eggs, earthworms, and more. 

Other Methods To Attract Chipmunks To Your Yard 

If you’re not a fan of leaving out food to attract chipmunks because you’re scared of attracting rats and other opportunistic feeders, consider using some of the methods below. 

Offer A Water Source To The Chipmunks

Chipmunks need water, like every other animal, but finding a source of fresh and clean water in the wild can be challenging. You can offer this necessity to the Chipmunks in your area. 

Having a birdbath or water fountain from which the Chipmunks can drink will increase your chances of attracting them to your yard. 

Create A Shelter For The Chipmunks

Another way you can improve your chances of attracting the Chipmunks is by setting up a shelter for them to use at night. This will show the Chipmunks that your yard is safe, especially if you offer them food, water, and shelter. 

While you can build them, a chipmunk house and many people have. However, it’s best to provide them with places to hide and rest using tree branches. 

The best way to do this is to create a brush, branch, and leaf shelter in the corner of your yard. This not only provides the rodents shelter from the harsh elements, but it also provides them protection from predators. 

Tips for Attracting Chipmunks

It’s not hard to attract these opportunistic feeders to your property. 

However, these tips will make keeping them in a designated area much easier, so they won’t invade your entire property. Of course, we can’t guarantee that they won’t become a nuisance. 

  • Use Ground Feeders: Chipmunks are primarily ground feeders and will visit platform feeders in search of food.  
  • Location, Location, Location: A chipmunk’s natural instinct is to avoid humans. This means you’ll want to place the feeders in an area they’ll feel comfortable. 
  • Maintain A Clean Feeding Area: Regular cleaning of the feeding station not only decreases the chance of diseases but it reduces the chance of attracting other rodents such as; rats, snakes, etc.  

Other Animals You Will Attract

Placing feeders to feed and attract chipmunks will attract other animals as well. For example, the following animals consume the same foods as chipmunks. 

  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons (they love eating from bird feeders)
  • Bears (their diets consist of grass, berries, insects, etc.)
  • Opossums (These scavengers eat pretty much anything)

You’ll likely see the following animals in your yard or platform feeders because they are natural predators of chipmunks. 

  • Hawks
  • Foxes
  • Coyotes
  • Weasels
  • Cats
  • Lynxes
  • Cats
  • Bobcats
  • Snakes
  • Raccoon
  • Snakes

Final Word

Chipmunks are fun and cute creatures that many enjoy watching, so attracting them to your yard can be an exciting hobby. 

You can use many foods to help attract wild chipmunks to your yard, including seeds, nuts, plants, grains, and proteins. 

However, you will have the most luck if you use food along with water and shelter. Good luck attracting Chipmunks to your yard!

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