How Do I Get Rid Of Chipmunks Under My Foundation?

how do I get rid of chipmunks under my foundation

Chipmunks can be cute, but they can also be a nuisance to many homeowners, especially if they decide to take up residence under your garden foundation. Once this happens, can you remove the chipmunks from under your foundation, and how do you go about this? 

Removing chipmunks from under your garden foundation is possible, but it can be challenging. Several methods you can use include trapping and relocating the chipmunks, using a mock predator in your garden, removing food and water sources, or poisoning the chipmunks. 

This article will explore all the methods you can use to rid your garden foundation of chipmunks. The technique you choose will depend on your morals and the time frame you have to remove them; keep reading to find out how to make your foundation chipmunk-free!

Can You Remove Chipmunks From Under A Foundation? 

Chipmunks are cute creatures that many people adore, but these tend to be people who don’t have to deal with these animals regularly. 

The pests can become quite a nuisance to homeowners, as they can cause damage to your home, garden, and outside features in your garden. 

When chipmunks establish themselves in a location, like under a foundation, they can be challenging to remove, as they feel safe and secure where they are. 

Even though this process can be challenging, removing them from underneath a foundation is possible if you have the right equipment and knowledge. 

How To Remove Chipmunks From Under Foundations

You can use several methods to remove pests under your home’s foundation. Some of these methods are more difficult than others, and some are lethal. 

The method you choose depends on your morals and the time you have to deal with this problem. 

Let’s look at the main methods to remove the chipmunks living underneath your home’s foundation, so you can get your home and garden back. 

1. Trap And Relocate The Chipmunks 

The first option to remove the chipmunks from underneath your foundation is to trap them and relocate them far enough from your house that they won’t return. 

Unfortunately, this is not the most humane method of doing it. Statistics show that relocating animals is harsh because they have difficulty finding food, water, and shelter in the new unknown area. Research shows that 3-5% of relocated animals survive. 

Consult with your local municipality before using a trap to relocate the animals. Several cities and states have laws and regulations that make it illegal to relocate certain wildlife. 

If your town allows it, and you’ve tried everything, and nothing works, here’s how to do it. 

Purchase some traps and set them up close to the foundations and the plants in your garden that the chipmunks are targeting, and bait them with something they cannot refuse, like peanut or almond butter. 

Once you have trapped the chipmunks, you will need to relocate them within one day and ensure they are far enough away from your home so that they won’t return. You can speak to a local pest control business to find out where to release the chipmunk safely. 

2. Spice Up The Area Around The Foundations 

The next option that might help rid your foundation of the chipmunks is adding some spices to your home’s surrounding area.

Adding some spice to your garden is an excellent, non-toxic way of preventing chipmunks from entering your garden and eating your plants. 

Chipmunks do not like spicy things, including the smell of spice, so this method tends to work well. 

You can sprinkle some chili powder, cayenne pepper, or other hot spices around your garden to help prevent chipmunks and other pests from entering. 

Focus the spice around the base of your garden fence, at the base of every plant, and at the base of your foundations for the best results. 

Use this method when the Chipmunks are out for the day to prevent them from returning to the foundation. 

So, watch the Chipmunks routine and spice your garden accordingly. 

3. Use A Mock Predator To Scare Them 

If the two methods above do not work, you can use a mock predator to your advantage to help scare away the Chipmunks from under your foundation. 

Chipmunks are prey animals, meaning they have natural predators that you can use to your advantage to keep them out of your garden and away from your foundation. 

You can put a mock or decoy predator statue in your garden to prevent the rodents from entering. 

Some statues you can use are owls, hawks, and eagles. 

You can also go one step further and purchase a motion-activated mock predator to scare them off. Place this predator somewhere highly visible in your garden so the chipmunks will instantly notice it. 

When the chipmunks notice this mock predator, they will assume that the area is no longer safe and will leave to find a more suitable and safer home. 

4. Turn Off Your Fountain To Remove The Water Source

One reason the chipmunks might be living under your foundation is that your garden has a constant and reliable water source. To help make your garden seem less suitable for the pests to live in, you can identify and remove all the water sources you find. 

This will remove the water source the chipmunks have relied on for their survival, leading them to seek a new place to live with another reliable water source. 

You will only need to keep any garden feature that contains water drained for about a week to encourage them to move on. 

5. Ensure There Are No Food Sources Close By

Another thing you can do to help encourage the chipmunks to find another location to live is to remove any possible food sources from your garden that the chipmunks enjoy eating. 

Unfortunately, this can include some plants you have planted in your garden, like lilies and daisies, so you might need to relocate some of these plants into pots and keep them indoors until the chipmunks leave. 

You should also be aware of what you feed the birds in your area, as some of this food can attract Chipmunks to your garden, leading them to make their home under your foundation or your yard. 

If you want to feed the birds. Ensure you use an anti-squirrel birdfeeder, so the chipmunks cannot reach the bird seed.

Also, avoid leaving fruits and veggies out for the birds while dealing with critters under your foundation. This will remove their food source, making them move on to find better housing conditions. 

6. Poison The Chipmunks

If you have tried everything or don’t have the time to execute any other methods mentioned above, you can poison the chipmunks. 

Ensure you use pet-safe poisons if you have pets, and once the chipmunks are dead, dispose of them immediately to prevent any adverse side effects to other local wildlife in the area. 

Final Word

Chipmunks can be cute, but they can also be extremely annoying to homeowners, especially if they have decided to make their home under your home’s foundation. 

It can be challenging to remove these chipmunks from your foundation, but if you follow the information and guidelines in this article, you should be chipmunk-free within a week or sooner, depending on the removal method you choose. 

Good luck removing the Chipmunks from under your foundation!

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