Squirrel Houses for Sale 4 Amazing Nests They Will Love Using

squirrel houses for sale

Squirrels need a place to sleep during the night and hide from predators. They use their dreys to have babies and hide from their predators. If you love these feeding these critters, you’re going to love checking out some of the best squirrel houses for sale on Amazon.

What Is A Squirrel House?

A squirrel house is sort of like a birdhouse, it’s used to feed and shelter squirrels from the outdoor elements and their predators. Several wildlife enthusiasts make or buy squirrel boxes or houses to help protect their backdoor critters.

Yes, you can design a homemade squirrel house if you’re a crafty person. However, if you have no design skills and want to provide shelter for your backyard critters, I’ve done my best to provide some of the best squirrel houses you can buy.

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Where to Buy A Squirrel House?

If you’re buying a squirrel house, I recommend starting on Amazon. They have tons of amazing squirrel

squirrel homes
This red squirrel peeking out of their winter home.

house kits and premade shelters that will help protect your bushy-tailed friends.

I’ve written an in-depth article on what a squirrels nest looks like that will amaze you.

Just like you and I, these critters need a place to go during the cold weather and a safe place to sleep with their families.

Why Buy A Nest Box for Squirrels?

Squirrels are perfectly capable of building their own nests, however, there’s nothing wrong with helping them provide shelter for their babies and protection from the cold.

Many outdoor lovers help out nature by building or providing bird houses. This article is going to show you where to buy a squirrel nest box also known as a squirrel house.

Reasons to Buy A Squirrel House

There are so many options and designs available online, it can be confusing. We recently bought one for our in-laws and thought we’d share the best ones we found online that are perfect for backyard squirrels.

But first let’s look at some reasons why you should consider buying a house for squirrels.

Put Up A Nesting Box to Protect Your House

Many people complain about squirrels trying to get into their attic, garage, chimney, or walls. Setting up a squirrel home can keep these critters from trying to find warmth in your home.

They will usually look for a warm place to live during the mating season (they can have litters twice per year) or to get out of the cold. Squirrels are survivalists and won’t hesitate to build a nest in your house if they can’t find a safe and secure area to raise her babies.

By putting up a box, you’re providing them a safe haven they can use as a den and encourage Momma squirrels to stay outside instead of making a home in your attic or house.

Teaching Your Kids About Wildlife

Feeding squirrels and other wildlife can be a great way to teach your kids about respecting wildlife. When they see squirrels running around your backyard and raising a litter of babies, it can be amazing.

Nothing is more exciting than watching a baby squirrel stick their head out of a nest box hole for the first time. You’ll get hooked on these amazing critters and may want to put more habitat homes for other wildlife.

As the juveniles or kittens start to emerge from the shelter, they will begin chasing each other to help develop their coordination and strength. They will also have a safe home to return to at night to sleep after spending the day foraging for food.

As you continue watching them on a daily basis, you will learn how to tell the babies from the adults by their playful behavior.

These types of shelters are perfect for grey, red and can even attract flying squirrels.

Rescue Squirrels

While it is illegal to keep squirrels as pets in a lot of areas, there’s nothing wrong with helping these critters out during the long cold winter months.

Many people choose to buy squirrel houses to provide a home for mamma squirrels and their babies.

This NOT only provides them a safe place to sleep at night but provides you the ability to be entertained by watching them build their nests and watching the kitten squirrels grow.

Regardless of why you’re looking for a squirrel nesting boxes sale, I have no doubt that you’ll the best squirrel house feeder for your backyard here.

Chuckanut Squirrel Condo

I highly recommend the Chuckanut squirrel condo is designed with long-lasting cedar material. It is designed by Nature Nuts and weighs just 4.39 pounds. Which is lightweight and easy to hang.

It’s extremely affordable and will work for very basic needs. You can put peanuts or their other nuts they love eating to attract them to the shelter.

This is perfect if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and want to venture into feeding and housing squirrels.


Durable: For the price, you can expect a durable house that will last for several seasons.

Easy to Mount: You can mount it anywhere in your garden, trees, poles or anywhere you can to put this. We recommend putting it at least 15 feet from your back deck and at least 20 feet high.

This will allow you to watch the squirrels when they poke their heads out of the nest.


Hard to Clean: Some people have complained that there is no removable top to clean it out between seasons. However, my in-laws have never cleaned out their birdhouses or squirrel boxes.

They have removed old nests, but they usually just hang the squirrel boxes and birdhouses and let them be. If you want to clean this box, you will need to disassemble it.

No Predator Guard: This condo does not have an internal shelf to help protect them from predators.

If you’re not crafty and can’t build a squirrel house, then I highly recommend checking out this one.

Now let’s take a look at more options that you have on Amazon. I’ve done my best to find the ones that are great for winter protection and have a few online reviews.

Wooden Squirrel Houses – Nesting Box

This is a custom made squirrel box made for gray squirrels. It is constructed of hard pine and even includes nesting material and mounting instructions and fixtures.

Most people use this for rescue squirrels they are trying to nurse back to health or keep as a pet. This home is designed by veterans and is extremely practical and simple.

The burnt wood effect helps detract bugs and won’t harm the squirrels if they chew the wood. There’s plenty of space for 2 littermates.


Ventilation: Has great ventilation which makes it a great shelter for your backyard critters.


Small Hole: The only negative that I could see what the hole size can be a bit small. You may have to widen it, if you have big squirrels.

Coveside Pet Habitats Squirrel House

The Coveside Pet Habitat Squirrel House is a practical house designed from white pine. One hung, the squirrels will use the house for nesting and protection from the winter elements.

Once the backyard critters find the home, you’ll be able to watch them carry things into the box and create their nest. There is a little ledge inside for the babies to climb up and get out.

Perfect for people who want to rescue squirrels and provide them a safe haven. You buy the squirrel habitat house here.


Design: The box has plenty of vents for ventilation, drain holes.

Predator Guard: Has a ledge to help protect from predators.


The only downside I read was that it can be challenging to attract the squirrels, especially, if they don’t come around to your home.

Ultimate Squirrel House Nesting Box

The Ultimate house for squirrels provides shelter and protection against a wide variety of natural predators. It’s perfect for Red Fox, Gray Fox, and Black Squirrels.

Designed from environmental conscious poly lumber. You won’t have to worry about it splitting, cracking or fading due to the weather elements.

Durable design, your bushy-tailed friends won’t be able to chew through it.


Size: Big enough for two squirrels and a litter of babies.

Easy to Mount: Comes with 9 mounting screws seems really secured once mounted.

Predator Safe: Due to the design it is completely weather resistant and predator safe.


Price: This home of a squirrel is more costly than the others on this page. However, it is extremely durable and you can feel good about providing shelter for their families.

You can check out this durable nesting box here. It’s one of the most durable Nut houses you will find.

You can feel good about buying this nut house because it is recyclable and you are helping keep our landfills clean. Plus, this nest box will last longer than any of the typical wooden boxes.

Squirrel House With Camera

If you’re like most people, you’re probably looking for a way to put a “squirrel cam” inside the house so you can watch them day and night. You may have to purchase some type of web camera on eBay or Amazon and follow these steps for setting it up.

If you do decide to put a camera inside their home, make sure that it doesn’t hurt them or cause them any damage.

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