9 of The Best Squirrel Feeders for Your Backyard You’ll Love

best squirrel feeder

If you’ve been wondering, what’s the best squirrel feeder, you’re in the right place. Today, I’m going to share the one I recommend as well as some of the most popular ones you can buy on Amazon or at your nearest Lowes Home Improvement.

If you want to attract hungry squirrels to your backyard, then you’ll want to find a squirrel feeder that is easy to fill with wild squirrel food. Entertaining to watch your bushy-tailed friends, and they love. We all know these little critters love eating and having their own food station can keep them away from your garden and bird feeder.

Best Squirrel Feeders

There’s a huge debate on whether or not to feed squirrels. Some people say you should NEVER feed them and then there are the squirrel lovers like me who absolutely enjoy feeding them and watching them play.

If you’re on this website, I assume that you want to feed them. That’s why I wanted to share some of the best squirrel feeders on the market.

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With so many options, it can be confusing about what type you should get. People get confused about whether they should get a cedar, metal, squirrel box, funny or etc.

With so many different squirrel feeder designs, it can be challenging to find the right one for your yard.

After doing some research online, I’ve decided to share the most popular ones on the market that you’ll love and the best of all your backyard friends will love.

#1 Durable Bird Proof Squirrel Feeder

bird & squirrel feeder sale

This solid steel squirrel will be entertaining and best of all your bushy-tailed friends won’t have any issues getting to the squirrel food. You can load it up with peanuts, or other types of their favorite food.

It’s extremely easy to mount on iron fences, trees, wooden fences or anywhere you want to feed the squirrels. We tend to store ours at night because we want to keep the raccoons and rats out.

We love sitting on our deck watching the squirrels open up the roof to get a peanut and take it back to their den. The only downside is that it is loud when the lid bangs down. If you have neighbors nearby, they may start complaining about it.

The quick fix is to add some black rubber tubing (about a half-inch in diameter) on the lower edge where it slams shut. This fixed our problem and now it’s not loud. The metal design is what makes it so durable.

#2 Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

This funny squirrel feeder, makes it look like your bushy-tailed friend is wearing a horse mask when they stand on their hind legs. It’s definitely entertaining watching them eat. This video will show you how the Horsehead Squirrel feeder works.

What to Fill it With

If you’re feeding the American Grey Squirrel, they prefer a mix of nuts and seeds. We’ve put together a list of some of the most inexpensive squirrel food you can use to fill your feeders.

The Southern Red Squirrels will happily eat pecans. However, there’s nothing wrong with testing different types of squirrel feed to see what they prefer.

It’s recommended that you keep it at least 9 inches off the ground, otherwise, the squirrels will be able to chew through the string or rope that you hang it with. Unfortunately, the vinyl squirrel feeder doesn’t come with a string to hang it.

You can easily use a rope or string to hang it on a tree.

#3 Cedar Squirrel Feeder

Kaytee cedar squirrel feeder

The best cedar feeder we found is the Pennington Cedar Squirrel, with over 100 4.5 star reviews on Amazon, we wanted to share some of the most popular features of this product.

This multi-functional feature is perfect for your backyard wildlife and feeds both birds and squirrels. It holds up to 2.75 pounds of seed. The beautiful Eastern red cedar design makes it weather and insect resistant.

Once you hang it, with the included hardware. You will be able to attract squirrels, birds, or chipmunks.

Another popular cedar feeder is the Kaytee Cedar Squirrel Feeder, which is constructed with natural oils to resist cracking, fungus, bacteria, and decay from the weather elements.

#4 Corn Feeders for Squirrels

corn cob feeders sale

Your backyard critters absolutely love eating corn on the cob. This feeder holds 1 ear of corn or 1 heath corn log. The cedar construction makes it perfect for those cold weather days and keeps it from becoming decayed.

By offering squirrels their own feeders, you can deter them from eating from your bird feeders or newly planted garden. Squirrels love eating corn, and it is good for them.

It comes with everything you need to mount it (including hardware). Just mount it to a tree in your backyard.

After reading the reviews on Amazon, it will take a family of squirrels about a day to go through an ear of corn, so you may want to order some more squirrel corn logs to go along with this feeder.

#5 Cool Squirrel Feeders

One of the main reasons that so many people choose to feed these backyard critters are for entertainment. Some of them are cruel but funny squirrel feeders and we wanted to share them with you.

A friend of mine invited me over for a morning cup of coffee while we watched the squirrels eat from the Erva Squirrel Spinner Corn Cob Feeder. It’s was funny to watch them swing around while eating corn on the cob.Just a word of warning: They can finish the 3 cobs within a morning. It’s truly amazing how much these critters can eat.

Another funny feeder that you’ll absolutely love is the stokes cob feeder. It’s not as crazy as a Bungie or swinging feeder, but it’s fun trying to watch them tear the corn away from the chair.

This video will show you how the Squirrel Go Round Feeder works. This demonstration is how most of the swinging feeders work.

#6 Squirrel Feeder Box

The Woodlink Going Green Squirrel Munch Box, is perfect for those people who are interested in going green. It is designed from recycled plastic, which makes it extremely sturdy and will last for several years.

The best part is that it holds up to a 17 lb bag of mixed seed and one ear of corn. It’s kind of like an automatic feeder that you only need to fill every few days or weeks. (depending on how many squirrels you feed.)

You’ll be able to spend more time being entertained by the squirrels, instead of having to refill it with food. The plexiglass is easy to clean and durable enough to withstand your furry backyard critters.

While the plastic design is weatherproof, it is NOT chewproof.

#7 Lunch Box Metal Squirrel Feeder

This is one of the best ways to save your birdseed from the squirrels. They’ll love eating from this Stokes Select Lunch Box Squirrel Feeder. The durable metal construction makes it durable to withstand all the weather elements. It is also coated with a durable weather finish to prevent chipping or damage.

It’s one of the best waterproof squirrel feeders that I found online.

The lid is easy for the squirrels to lift and grab their food. It’s easy to install and will attract squirrels to it quickly. Just be careful, because the slightly angled design makes it challenging for the food to push towards the front for easy access.

You’ll want to make sure that you position it correctly to have the feed gravitate towards the front. Also, the downward angle can make the squirrel feel safe while they sit and eat.

The best part is that a portion of all the Stokes Select products is donated to bird habitat and conservation. So when you buy, you know that you’re supporting the wildlife.

#8 Platform Feeder for Squirrels

The Open Platform Squirrel Feeder makes it easy to feed your backyard critters their favorite food. (PEANUTS!) This hanging peanut feeder will make you smile and laugh while they eat and swing in the swinging basket.

It’s the perfect squirrel lover gift for people who enjoy feeding nature or are backyard enthusiasts. The basket is designed from cedar and is perfect for feeding squirrels, Blue Jays, Cardinals, and Woodpeckers.Just a word of warning: They can eat a whole container of peanuts in just one day!

#9 Picnic Table Squirrel Feeder

This Picnic Table Squirrel Feeder is perfect for those nature lovers who enjoy feeding the squirrels. You can use this to help you deter squirrels from your bird feeders.

It’s fun to watch the squirrels sit and snack at the table squirrel feeder. You’ll love that you can feed your bushy-tailed friends without spending a lot of money. The cheap price makes it affordable, the downside is that it doesn’t come with any corn.

The table feeder is lightweight, so it’s easy to move from one location to the next. If you hang it on a tree, you might have to wait for a while before they find it. However, once they do, they’ll love it and will eat from it on a daily basis.

How I Rated The Squirrel Feeders

I know that everyone is different, some people want to use them to keep birds away. While others are looking for funny ones that swing and bounce these critters, so they can be entertained. That’s why, I looked for several elements that would help you get the best bargain at the cheapest price, while still getting quality.

Amazon Reviews

While you can purchase them at Lowes, Walmart, Target, or any local wildlife store. We happened to find some of the lowest prices on Amazon. We also took the time to find the products with the best reviews to ensure that you’re buying a product that people love.

However, I always recommend that you read the reviews of any product you purchase on Amazon before buying. It’s important to make sure that you find the right squirrel products with the features you’re looking for.

Feeders That Swing

These are popular among nature lovers because they get to enjoy watching squirrels eat while swinging in their backyard. These feeders come in several different designs from hanging from a chain, or some that have an arm or two that swing when the squirrel puts their weight on it.

Watching squirrels eating from these types of squirrel feeders can be extremely entertaining. It’s especially funny to watch the ones that cause them to flip and tumble and they just sit there hanging on to the food for dear life.

Table or Chair Design

These look just like Adirondack chairs or any other backyard chairs and picnic tables. This makes it look cool in your backyard and is spacious enough to feed a family of squirrels at one time. These make it the perfect way to feed them corn on the cob, which they will absolutely love.

Box Style Feeders

These are designed for people who are looking for automatic squirrel feeders because they hold a large amount of food. This means that you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your backyard critters than filling the feeder.

You’ll also love the option of being about to use several types of food of your choice. Most of them will be large enough to hold peanuts, seeds, or a mixture of food. Some even come with a corn on the cob holder, while still having a place to put your seeds and nuts.

Unique Squirrel Feeder Designs

Squirrel feeders come in all kinds of designs from horses heads, unicorn heads, and even cat heads. You can even get a Donald Trump Squirrel feeder, to keep them away from your bird seed. These can make the perfect gift for nature lovers.

They are designed to be perfect to entertain anyone who loves feeding their backyard wildlife. Whether that be someone who wants to feed squirrels because they love them or someone who just wants to keep them away from their bird feeders.

Cruel But Funny

Some of the squirrel feeders on the market will swing the squirrels round and round. It may look cruel, but don’t be fooled. These critters are extremely acrobatic and can jump and hurl their bodies foraging for food.

The best part is that you can watch them foraging for food on the feeders in your backyard while drinking your favorite beverage on your deck.

Entertaining Squirrel Feeders

Most people who love feeding squirrels are looking for feeders that keep the squirrels busy and makes them work for their food. After all, that’s what provides the entertainment while you’re sitting on your back porch with your morning coffee.

Material Designs

It’s extremely important to find one that will withstand outdoor elements. Most people (myself included) will only put their feeders out in the Spring and Winter. (I personally choose to feed the squirrels in the winter)

You’ll want to take into consideration the quality of the materials that were used to make the squirrel feeder. You can find some that are constructed from wood, cedar, metal, and etc.

Many of the wooden squirrel feeders will be constructed of cedar or other durable wood that will protect it from the elements. The truth is that most types of wooden feeders won’t last very long. They may last around 2 years depending on where you live.

If they are left without food for long periods of time, squirrels will begin to chew the feeder. This will tear your feeder up quickly because they can’t withstand the abuse from hungry squirrels for long periods of time.

Plastic or vinyl feeders come in several different designs. These are usually cheaper than wooden designs. However, they are not anywhere near as durable as the metal feeders.

The plastic designed ones should be able to provide you with several years of enjoyment of watching the squirrels eat in your backyard.

DIY Squirrel Feeder

If you’re handy with wood and tools, then you can make your own squirrel feeder. My father-in-law makes all his own bird feeders and this video will show you how to make a homemade squirrel feeder.

He’ll teach you how to create a squirrel feed station in just one day.

The simple design is constructed with wood that is extremely durable and is perfect for nature lovers. The lid will keep your squirrel food from getting wet.

Where to Place The Feeder

When it comes to placing your squirrel feeder in your yard, the most important piece of advice I can give you is to place it as far away from your house as possible. Keep it in an area that is close enough for you to enjoy every morning while drinking your coffee.

But far enough away so they won’t be tempted to climb into your attic. (yes some people have had squirrels go into their attic)

Most people will mount them on fences, trees or posts. The truth is that these critters aren’t picky about where you put the feeder. If you’re trying to lure them away from your bird feeders, the put them at least 15-20 feet away from where the birds eat.

We personally mount ours on a tree in our backyard. We’ve made sure to put them at least 12 inches off the ground to prevent rats from finding them.

The most important thing is to place the feeder somewhere that won’t attract

Should You Feed The Squirrels?

Now that you’ve seen all the options you have when choosing a squirrel feeder for your backyard. Now the question is should you feed them?

I know that some people believe that you should never feed them because they are pests. However, just like any other animal, they need to eat. When you feed them it can be a great way to relieve the stress from your life while enjoying watching them eat and run around in your backyard.

They are very playful and acrobatic creatures that will run around chasing each other, tumbling from tree to tree and running back and forth to the squirrel feed station.

One of the most common reasons that people choose to feed them is to keep them away from their bird feeders. Squirrels love eating bird food and it can cost you hundreds of dollars every month trying to keep them away from the feeders.

Sure you could just get a squirrel proof bird feeder without feeding them. But feeding them can be a great way to support the environment.

From an environment purpose standpoint, squirrels are foragers and are always looking for food to bury in preparation for the winter months. While they don’t always remember where they bury their nuts and seeds. a lot of those seeds will germinate and cause more greenery and trees.

Basically, they are helping us plant trees, which are essential for our environment.

When you feed them, you can keep them from eating the fruits and veggies in your garden. If you’ve been noticing something eating your veggies or plants, there’s a good chance that you think you have a rabbit stealing your produce.

The truth is that squirrels are notorious for eating plants and veggies in people’s gardens. These opportunistic feeders will survive by eating yours in your garden or from the fruit and nut trees.

Deterring them with a feeder can help you protect your trees and garden. This is the reason that we started feeding them.

Once the squirrels get to know and trust you, they will come close to you. They are non-aggressive and will give you years of enjoyment, especially if you want to co-exist with the wildlife in your backyard.

Hopefully, these squirrel feeder reviews will help you find the right one from your backyard. If you already have one, let us know which one you are using below in the comments.


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