Will A Mouse Trap Kill A Flying Squirrel?

will a mouse trap kill a flying squirrel

Flying squirrels are exceedingly cute and remarkably interesting, but they can also be a nuisance. These squirrels are very common in many countries and tend to live in large family groups. This can be frustrating when a group of flyers moves into your attic, so what can you do? Will a mouse trap be enough to kill or deter flying squirrels?

A mouse trap is unlikely to kill a flying squirrel. These animals are tougher than they look, and a mouse trap will only injure them. Baited live traps are a better option. Deterring squirrels with strong scents like lavender and preventing their entry into the building will force them to move on. 

There are multiple ways to deal with an infestation of flying squirrels, but it is essential to be aware of the best ways to go about it. It can be challenging to kill flying squirrels simply because they are so elusive, but they are also surprisingly tough creatures. 

Let’s explore using mouse traps to deal with pesky flying squirrels. 

Can You Use A Mouse Trap To Kill A Flying Squirrel?

Flying squirrels are fascinating mammals and fun to watch in nature. Still, they can be very frustrating if they decide to move into your house. In addition, these squirrels never operate alone and are always part of a larger group, which only compounds the issue. 

This leads many to wonder if a device such as a mouse trap will work to kill flying squirrels if necessary. 

The truth is that mouse traps are not the best way to kill a flying squirrel. These traps are more likely to maim the animal than to kill it, which is not humane and is definitely not the best way to deal with the situation. 

A powerful mouse trap may kill a small flying squirrel. Still, the average mouse trap will only injure an average squirrel, especially if the squirrel is strong, healthy, and from a larger subspecies.

Some traps work better for this application than mouse traps. Still, if you have a mouse trap lying around, it is probably not the best option to use it in this way; it is better to contact local pest control, animal control, or another profession to help you deal with the problem rather than just putting a mouse trap in the attic.  

There are multiple other ways to deal with these animals, so let’s take some time to explore some other options before resorting to using mouse traps altogether. 

Which Traps Work Best For Flying Squirrels?

We have established that mouse traps are not the best way to deal with flying squirrels, but also that some traps will work for these animals. 

Mouse traps are not ideal for squirrels simply because they are typically not powerful enough to humanely kill the animal. 

Snap Traps

However, powerful snap traps are usually effective for this purpose. 

A powerful snap trap designed for very large rodents is usually strong enough to kill a flying squirrel humanely without just maiming the animal and leaving it injured. 

Unfortunately, snap traps are not ideal for flyers because these animals are very elusive, wile, and unlikely to be caught in such a trap. 

Live Traps

The best trap for using on flying squirrels is baited live traps. These traps enable the squirrel to enter to retrieve a morsel of food, but keeping them unable to leave the trap is the best option. 

These traps are easy to position in places that a flying squirrel frequents, they can be placed high up and properly secured, and if the right food item is placed within it at the right time of year, you are very likely to catch the squirrel. 

Once the squirrel is caught, it can be relocated or handed over to the proper wildlife authorities.

Using this method, we can be sure not to infringe upon any laws protecting these animals in many regions.

Live traps are among the most humane way to remove flying squirrels from your home, but they can be inefficient and take a long time. 

The best way to remove these animals from an area is to contact professionals who can physically catch and remove the animals quickly. 

Are There Other Ways To Deal With Invasive Flying Squirrels?

Flying squirrels can be a severe nuisance. The best way to remove them is to call for the assistance of professionals or catch them in baited live traps, but is there another way to deal with squirrels? Are trapping, catching, and removing them the only options?

Killing or removing the animals is not the only way to prevent flying squirrels from making a home in your house. 

A method that is even more effective than trapping the animals is to perform maintenance on the house and to make the area as uninhabitable for the squirrels as possible. 

Go around the house and repair any holes or gaps in any sections of the house where the squirrels can enter. Trim all trees that are taller than the house and within 50ft of the house to prevent the squirrels from using the trees to scale the building. 

Keep the upper areas of the house free of debris, and be sure to close up any vents, holes, gaps, or drains that lead into areas within the house big enough for a family of squirrels to move into. 

Using rodent deterrents that are not harmful to any animals is another good way to get them to move out. 

For example, the strong scent of lavender is very offensive to almost all rodents. Still, the plant does not harm them whatsoever. 

Planting several lavender bushes around your house, diffusing lavender oils into the attic, or even placing bunches of fresh lavender where the squirrels abide is an excellent way to deter the animals and encourage them to move elsewhere without causing any harm to the animals. 

Final Word

Killing a flying squirrel with a mouse trap is not usually possible. A powerful snap or baited live trap is a far better option. Still, it is always best to contact professionals to remove the animals. 

Deterring the squirrels is another excellent option, as flying squirrels are notoriously challenging to catch, and very few people have ever caught them to remove them. 

Diffuse lavender into your house, get a cat, and close up any holes in your house; the squirrels are likely to move on naturally. 

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