How Far Do You Need to Go To Release A Squirrel?


Most people are generally okay with having a few squirrels around their home. But having several squirrels can become a nuisance and need to be relocated. But how far should you go to relocate the squirrels? 

When relocating squirrels, you need to take them over 10 miles away from your home. Squirrels can travel up to 10 miles in a day, and the squirrels will come back to your house in a day or two after relocation if you try to relocate them closer than 10 miles from your home. 

Where should you release the squirrels you trap? How can you help increase the chances of the squirrels surviving in their new home? Is it illegal to relocate squirrels? We will discover the answers in this article!

How Far Away Should You Release A Squirrel? 

Squirrels are cute little creatures that most people don’t mind having around, but there are occasions when these little critters start becoming a nuisance, and you need to deal with them. 

Most people prefer relocating the squirrels rather than taking a more lethal approach. 

Relocating the squirrels is a good idea, but you should know a few things before you start relocating them. One such thing is how far you need to travel to relocate the squirrels. Squirrels generally travel 2 miles a day, but they can travel up to 10 miles in one day if they want to. 

So, to relocate the squirrels you have, you need to take them at least 10 miles away from your home or the location you wish to keep them away from your home.

Will A Released Squirrel Come Back?

When they release squirrels into a new location, many people have one concern: will the squirrels come back to your home? This is a valid concern as squirrels can return to your home after being released into a new location. 

As mentioned, squirrels can travel up to 10 miles in a day, which they will most likely push themselves to do if you take them to a new location as they don’t know the area and will try to get back to the places they know.

If you don’t relocate the squirrels over 10 miles away from your home, there is a high chance the squirrels will be back within a day or two. So, you need to ensure you travel far enough away from your home before you release the squirrels, or they will be back. 

Where To Release A Squirrel

When you release the squirrels, you need to choose a good location for them to have the best possibility of survival in their new home. There is no point in releasing the squirrels to try and be humane, only to have them die in the location you released them because it wasn’t suitable. 

You need to find a location where there is plenty of food for the squirrels. Look for seed, fruit, or nut-bearing trees in the area. The location should also have at least one water source so that the squirrels can stay hydrated. 

The area should also be free from predators like dogs and cats that will hunt the squirrels. If you are dealing with a Diurnal squirrel (a squirrel that’s awake during the day), you should release them in the early morning. 

This will give them time to explore their new home and find a safe place to spend the night. You should ensure the weather is good and that it’s a nice sunny day when you release the squirrels. 

How To Increase A Squirrels Survival Chances When Released?

When you release the squirrels, you need to ensure they have the best chance of surviving in their new environment. You can do some things to help the squirrels survive and adjust to their new home. 

If you help the squirrels with these few things, this can also encourage the squirrels to stay in this new location and not try to return to your home. 

So, let’s go through what you can do to help the squirrels you release. 

Provide Appropriate Housing For The Squirrel

When you release a squirrel into a new location, you should try and provide the squirrel with some appropriate shelter. This will help the squirrel adjust to their new home well and give them a space to feel safe and protected without the need to find shelter. 

It will also help keep the squirrel safe and encourage them to stay there as there is a safe shelter to call their home. 

Release Squirrels Together

When releasing squirrels of the same species, you should try to release them together. Squirrels that are released alone will have a harder time surviving. If you don’t have the same species of squirrels, speak to your neighbors and see if they have trapped any and if you can release them together. 

This will increase the survival rates of the squirrels, especially if they were originally from the same area too. In addition, this will give them a sense of familiarity and comfort as they explore and get to know their new environment with squirrels they likely already know. 

Provide The Squirrels With Follow Up Support

Releasing squirrels into a new location can be a lengthy process and will require you to stay in the new location for several hours. You should provide the squirrels with some support while they explore their new home during this time. 

As the squirrels know nothing about their new location, you should provide them with some water and food as they explore. This will keep the squirrels hydrated and happy while getting used to the new environment. 

Is It Illegal To Relocate Squirrels?

This will depend on which state you live in. In some states like California, you will need a permit to trap squirrels and relocate them. In addition, you will need to communicate with your local authorities about the laws and regulations surrounding trapping and relocating squirrels in your area. 


Relocating squirrels can be a challenging task, but the guidelines in this article should make the process slightly easier for you. Try locating the squirrels to a good location, where they will be able to thrive for years to come. 

Also, don’t forget to locate them over 10 miles away from your home, or the squirrels will find their way back to your property within a few days. 

You need to ensure the squirrels are safe and have certain items, like appropriate housing, to help encourage them to stay in their new environment. 

Good luck releasing the squirrels!

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