Can Squirrels Eat Celery? [Does It Make Good Squirrel Food?]

can squirrels eat celery

Squirrels are opportunistic foragers that will eat pretty much anything. That said, not all human foods are good for these rodents. If you have a pet squirrel or feed them in your backyard, you’ve likely wondered can squirrels eat celery? Well, let’s take a look.

Can Squirrels Eat Celery?

Squirrels can eat celery and it is rich in vitamins and minerals that may be beneficial for them. Celery is a healthy source of fiber, low in calories, making it a great snack for both squirrels and people. That said, a squirrel’s diet should consist of a variety of nuts, veggies, and other food sources that can be found in their habitat. Squirrels should be fed celery in moderation.

Is Celery Good for Squirrels?

It’s. no secret that celery contains a number of health benefits for humans. While there is no scientific proof that celery has the same benefits for squirrels as it does for humans. That said, all mammals require essential vitamins and minerals to survive.

Benefits of Celery for Squirrels

Celery contains antioxidants that protect blood vessels, organs, and cells from oxidative damage. Just one stalk of celery contains 12 different antioxidants, which make it a healthy snack for both humans and squirrels.

Foods with antioxidants help neutralize free radicals before they cause damage, especially, with chronic diseases. Squirrels live in the wild and are exposed to several elements that can cause illnesses. Feed them foods that help strengthen their immune system is vital.

According to Henrys Pets, celery is considered one of the healthy vegetables that provide these critters micronutrients, vitamin C, and fiber.

One large stalk of celery contains 61.1 grams of water, which makes it a great snack for your pet squirrel or backyard squirrel, especially, on a hot summer day.

Celery Nutritional Information

One large stalk (11′ – 12′ long) or 64 grams consists of the following nutrients.

Total Omega-6 Fatty Acids50.6 mg
Sugars1.2 grams
Iron0.1 mg
Niacin0.2 mg
Vitamin K18.7 mcg
Vitamin C2.0 mg
Calcium25.6 mg
Fluoride2.6 mcg
Water 61.1 grams
Ash0.5 grams
Selenium0.3 mcg
Choline3.9 mg
Betaine0.1 mg
Folate23.0 mcg
Phytosterols3.8 mg


Will Squirrels Eat Celery?

There isn’t much that squirrels won’t eat. That said, similar to how humans have food preferences, so do squirrels. These critters will go crazy if you feed them certain foods. Don’t be surprised if you put a stalk of celery out at the feeder, only to see no one has eaten it.

If squirrels have access to better tasting food, they will likely pass on the celery. It doesn’t mean they don’t like the taste, it just means they prefer eating the better tasting food!

Feeding Squirrels Celery

Celery is low on calories and high in essential nutrients, which makes it a good snack. However, contains oxalates, so it should be fed to your pet in moderation. Consuming high amounts of foods with oxalates can lead to kidney stones.

Feeding squirrels can block calcium causing stones or crystals to form in the kidneys and bladder remains. According to this forum of pet squirrels, many pet owners avoid feeding them too many green vegetables that are high in oxalates such as kale, beets, rhubarb, okra, etc.

Celery is safe for squirrels, but moderation is the key, especially, if you have a pet squirrel that relies on you for food.

Can Squirrels Eat Raw Celery?

Yes squirrels can eat raw celery. The raw variety usually consists of more nutrients than cooked celery. Squirrels will likely enjoy eating the raw variety better because it is crunchy and can exercise their front incisors.

Can Squirrels Eat Cooked Celery?

Cooked celery is fine for squirrels to eat. That said, some people say that cooking vegetables automatically destroys some of the nutrients. According to Journal Food Science, celery is one of 12 vegetables that become healthier when you cook it.

Note, the antioxidant capacity only increased when the following cooking methods were implemented such as griddling, microwaving, frying, baking, and pressure-cooking. When celery was boiled, it lost 14 percent of its antioxidant activity.

As I mentioned above, squirrels will likely prefer eating raw celery because it’s not mushy like cooked celery.

Can Baby Squirrels Eat Celery?

As long as the baby squirrel is old enough to eat solid foods, they can eat celery. Avoid feeding them too much celery as it contains oxalates which can affect baby squirrels faster than older ones.

If you’ve found a baby squirrel in a nest and their eyes aren’t open yet, you’ll want to feed them Esbilac Powder and hand-feed them. Many people choose to rehabilitate baby squirrels back to health. However, it’s important to understand how to care for a baby squirrel, especially, if you’ve never had one.

Final Word

You may enjoy eating celery with peanut butter or plain. Your little bushy-tailed friend would also appreciate a taste and it is completely safe for them. Before feeding them celery or any other vegetables, ensure it is washed thoroughly and doesn’t contain any toxic pesticides.

Keep your backyard squirrels safe by opting for nutritional squirrel food, healthy snacks, and nuts that contain essential vitamins and minerals.

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