Can A Squirrel Get Stuck In A Tree? [How to Get Them Out?]

Can A Squirrel Get Stuck In A Tree

Squirrels are cute little animals that have grabbed the hearts of many. You are not alone if you love watching squirrels go about their daily lives. However, sometimes you might think you see a squirrel needing some help, and you wonder if you should do something. So, can a squirrel get stuck in a tree? 

Squirrels can get stuck in trees, but this is a rare occurrence. For example, squirrels might only get stuck in a tree if they misjudge the size of a tree hollow or if they are injured. Also, if you see a squirrel not moving in a tree, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the squirrel is stuck; it could be spooked. 

If you love squirrels, you might worry when you see one acting unusual, but should you try to help a squirrel that seems stuck in a tree? How do you help a stuck squirrel? We will discover the answers to these squirrel rescuing questions and more in this article!

Can A Squirrel Get Stuck In A Tree? 

Squirrels are active and curious animals that like to run around and get themselves into weird and wonderful positions. This can make the adventures of a squirrel entertaining to watch, especially as these animals are small and adorable with their fluffy tails, tiny noses, and big brown eyes. 

Should you be worried when you are watching their entertaining lives and see a squirrel in a tree that hasn’t moved for a while? Can squirrels get stuck in trees? Usually, squirrels are perfectly suited for their habitat and are pretty intelligent animals, too. 

It’s extremely rare for a squirrel to get stuck in a tree. This isn’t to say it cannot happen, though, because if a squirrel goes into a tree hollow that is smaller than the squirrel or the squirrel sticks its head into a small hollow, then the squirrel can get stuck. 

If the squirrel is injured, it might not move from its location in the tree, as it’s too painful and trying to protect itself from predators, but the squirrel is not stuck. 

To see if a squirrel is truly stuck, you will need to observe the squirrel for a few hours and see if its behavior changes or cannot move from its position. Of course, there are other reasons why a squirrel may seem stuck in a tree, but the squirrel is perfectly fine. 

For example, baby squirrels will start exploring outside their nests at about six weeks old. When they do this for the first few times, they can become scared or spooked, making them freeze in fear as they don’t know what to do.  

The baby squirrel will stay there, frozen for a relatively long time, which can make you worry, but they are fine. Alternatively, when an adult squirrel gets spooked because it’s seen a predator like a cat walking around, the squirrel will freeze in the tree until they think the predator is gone. 

How To Help A Squirrel Stuck In A Tree

So, squirrels can get stuck in a tree; even though it’s a rare occurrence, it can still happen under certain circumstances. If you are worried that a squirrel in your neighborhood is stuck in a tree, you might wonder how you can help the squirrel and safely get it out of the tree. 

You can do some things to help a squirrel that you think might be stuck in a tree. You should follow these steps closely, as you don’t want to injure yourself or the squirrel you are trying to save. 

Observe The Squirrel And Surroundings For A While

If you are worried about a nearby stuck in a tree, you should first observe the squirrel and the surroundings for a while. The last thing you intend to do is convince yourself that the squirrel is stuck and try to help it when it’s not stuck and doesn’t need your help. 

You need to observe the squirrel for a few hours and see if it moves away from the tree on its own. 

You also need to look around and see if you can spot predators like cats or dogs nearby, as these will make the squirrel freeze in place. If the squirrel does not move for three to four hours, you can move on to the next step. 

Look For Any Possible Signs Of Injury On The Squirrel

If the squirrel does not move, try to get a better look at the squirrel you are worried about. Either walk to the tree and look at the squirrel or use some binoculars and look at the squirrel. 

Look for any signs of possible injury. You need to look for blood, open wounds, possible broken bones, etc. 

You need to try and look at the squirrel from multiple angles to ensure all sides of the squirrel are clear of visible injuries.

Call Your Local Wildlife Rescue Or Sanctuary 

Once you have done the injury inspection of the squirrel, you need to research and phone a local wildlife rescue or sanctuary in your area. 

Relay all the information you have gathered about the squirrel in question, including if it looks injured or not. They will send somebody out to your location to help rescue the squirrel. 

Call The Fire Department 

If you cannot find a local wildlife rescue or sanctuary near you, you can phone the fire department and relay your information on the squirrel. Fire departments are used to getting callouts for trapped or stuck animals, and they will have the tools needed to rescue the squirrel.

Do Not Try To Rescue The Squirrel Yourself

Even though trying and rescuing the squirrel yourself can be tempting, you should never attempt this. Instead, call a wildlife rescue or the fire department. 

Squirrels have sharp teeth and claws that can seriously injure you if the squirrel is feeling vulnerable and you get too close to it. 

Squirrels can also carry contagious diseases which are easily transmitted through their bite. The wildlife rescues and fire department are trained for such rescues, and they that the correct tool required for the job, including thick gloves and jackets. 

Final Word

Squirrels are adorable little creatures that many people can spend hours watching. Unfortunately, they can get stuck in a tree, although this is rare. Squirrels generally know their environment and their size, so they understand where they can and cannot go to be safe. 

If you are concerned about a possible stuck squirrel in a tree near you, do not try to rescue the squirrel yourself. Instead, follow the guidelines in the article above and get the right people to help the poor squirrel. 

Good luck with rescuing the squirrel!

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