Can A Squirrel Be Tamed? [Can They Be House Trained]

can a squirrel be tamed

Squirrels are beautiful little creatures that most people find adorable. Their small noses, big eyes, and fluffy tails are difficult to turn down. However, most people see squirrels in the wild, climbing up and down trees, and not as pets. So, can squirrels be tamed?

Squirrels are highly intelligent animals that can be tamed under the right conditions. However, you should only try to tame it if you have a baby or a very young squirrel. Adult squirrels are difficult to tame and can revert to their wild nature at any point, so raising a baby is safer. 

Can a squirrely be house trained? Are squirrels easy to keep as pets? What information should you know about squirrels before you get one yourself? We will discover the answers to these fascinating questions in this article!

Can A Squirrel Be Tamed?

Squirrels are adorable creatures that look soft and cuddly with their bushy tails, little noses, and big eyes. This can make many people want to keep one as a pet in their home. 

However, most squirrels are wild animals, making a squirrel a unique pet, but can these cute yet wild creatures be tamed? 

Squirrels are a part of the Rodentia family, along with rats, mice, guinea pigs, and hamsters. People often keep these other rodents as pets, so it’s reasonable to expect that squirrels can be domesticated and kept as pets. 

So, taming a squirrel can be done, but finding a squirrel you can tame will be difficult as they are wild animals and will resort to their natural behavior if they are already adults and you’re trying to tame them. 

You will not find squirrels at your local pet store, but you might be able to join a squirrel rescue program and look after and tame a baby squirrel or two. 

Can A Squirrel Be House-Trained? 

If you are trying to tame a squirrel to ensure it can be kept in your home safely as your pet, you might also wonder if your squirrel can be house-trained. Squirrels are highly intelligent animals and are always conscious about where they relieve themselves.

This is also because squirrels are prey animals, so they try not to draw attention to themselves through smell. This does make house training a squirrel relatively easy to do. You can provide them with a little litter box, like the one used for guinea pigs, and encourage them to use it. 

After a week or so, your squirrel should be perfectly happy using the litter box, meaning your squirrel is house-trained. 

Are Squirrels Easy Pets?

Many pets are known to be easy to care for, making them good pets, but are squirrels easy pets to have? Even though squirrels seem like they would be good pets, these animals are not easy to care for due to their size. 

Squirrels have many necessary requirements if you want to keep one as a pet. First, these animals are incompatible with domestic life unless you are incredibly patient with them. 

Squirrels can become destructive if they get bored, and they are highly active animals that need the opportunity to climb, run, and jump. This can cause chaos in the average household, especially if you are not active and willing to play with your squirrel. 

What You Should Know About Keeping Squirrels As Pets

So, keeping a squirrel as a pet is doable, but it can be challenging, and it’s probably not for people who don’t have the time or patience to provide everything the pet squirrel will need. Caring for a squirrel will require a lot, so you must be prepared for it. 

If you still want to have a squirrel as a pet, then there are a few factors you should be mindful of before you purchase one. These are important to know, as some can get you into trouble if you’re not careful.

In Some States, It’s Illegal To Own A Squirrel

The first thing you need to know if you want to keep a squirrel as a pet is your state’s laws about keeping a squirrel as a pet. Keeping a squirrel as a pet used to be legal, and anyone could own a squirrel, but in recent years, laws have been put in place around this. 

In most states, having a squirrel as a pet is illegal as they are considered wild animals. In addition, in these states, you can only have a pet in your home if you are part of a rehabilitation center and the squirrel is recovering and will be released once it’s back to full health. 

You Cannot Buy Squirrel Food

Another you need to keep in mind is that you cannot buy squirrel food at pet stores as you can with other animals. This is because squirrels are unusual pets and have an extremely varied diet. 

This means you will need to research a well-balanced diet for a squirrel and supply them with this food to keep them happy and healthy. Unfortunately, some of their required food can be difficult to find or expensive. 

Squirrel Teeth Never Stop Growing 

One problem you will face is that a squirrel’s teeth never stop growing. Squirrels will chew almost anything to keep their teeth in check and at a good length. This is perfectly fine when the squirrels are in the wild, but it can be a problem in captivity. 

If you don’t give your squirrel opportunities to chew and grind their teeth to a manageable size, they will begin to chew whatever they can find around your home. 

This can lead to furniture damage, which can become expensive to replace. In addition, if they cannot find something to chew, their teeth will over-grow and affect their health. 

Squirrels Have Sharp Claws And Teeth

Squirrels have incredibly sharp teeth and claws and aren’t afraid to use them. If your squirrel gets upset with you, or you accidentally hurt it, or it’s sick or startled, your squirrel will defend itself with these sharp teeth and claws. Unfortunately, this can cause deep wounds in your flesh that can require a hospital visit. 

You Cannot Leave A Squirrel Alone Overnight


Once you own a squirrel, you will say goodbye to your nighttime social life, as your squirrel cannot be left at home alone, especially at night. If you have vacation plans, you must find a qualified squirrel sitter who can care for your squirrel. 

Squirrels Are Messy Animals

Squirrels are messy animals to have as pets. This is because squirrels like to keep their own living space clean, but they have no regard for your living space. If you keep your squirrel in a cage, they will throw things out of their cage to keep it clean. This will have you picking up after your squirrel constantly. 

Pet Squirrels Can Cost A Lot Of Money

Lastly, squirrels cost a lot of money to own. They need chew toys, special food, space to jump and climb, and constant care and attention that can all be expensive, but they also require health care. 

If your squirrely gets sick or has an injury, you will need to find a vet specializing in squirrel care. Unfortunately, medical and travel costs can be expensive as they might not be close to you. 

Final Word

Squirrels are lovable, cute, and cuddly animals that many people wish they could have as a pet. This fantasy can become a reality for some people, as squirrels can be tamed and house trained. However, this will stay a dream for others as it’s illegal to have a squirrel as a pet in certain states. 

Caring for a pet squirrel will require a lot of time, money, and patience, as squirrels need a lot of care and supplies to keep them happy and healthy. Good luck taming your squirrel!

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